Christian Dubois

Christian Dubois built his own real estate business under the Sotheby’s International Realty brand alongside his business partner and spent fourteen years growing that business into a Bow Valley standard. Christian prides himself on the many strong relationships he formed over his real estate career. His honesty, attention to detail and ‘client first’ attitude led to a loyal following among his clients. While business is his background, his love of people directs his interests.

He brings his effervescent personality, strong sales and leadership skills, as well as his business savvy to The Radiant with great enthusiasm. The Canadian Rockies have been home to Christian for almost 2 decades, where he raises 2 daughters with his wife Dagny. He is eager to share his knowledge of the region, amassed from hours spent hiking, skiing, climbing and exploring. Originally from Montreal, Christian is fluent in both English and French.

Dagny Dubois

After years of travel and short stays, Dagny Dubois settled in Banff 16 years ago and has been happily playing in the mountains ever since. Banff is her first experience of true community, building solid relationships, and acquiring a deep feeling of place. She found meaningful work at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, in particular in the Archives department, where she initiated the community naming project Recognizing Relations in 2014. Working with the Stoney Nakoda people on this project led her to completing a masters degree at Athabasca University, focusing her research on the importance of relationship building with and within Indigenous communities both historically and currently.

This sense of home and community is part of the inspiration to create a space like The Radiant. For locals and travellers alike, a relaxed and inclusive place to gather, share ideas and laughter is a recipe for magic. For Dagny, Banff has become a place to raise two daughters with her husband Christian, work, study, explore nature and find good conversation. Her focus at the Radiant is being part of the creative team building a dynamic and distinctive wine list as well as forging relationships with local Alberta brewers and distillers.

Sebastian Hutchings

Sebastian Hutchings was born into one of Banff’s earliest families, the great grandson of photographer Byron Harmon, and grew up amongst a community of artists, entrepreneurs, and naturalists. These early influences fostered his commitment to culture and the environment, and reinforced a spirit of individualism. In his twenties, Hutchings achieved a degree in music composition from Concordia University in Montreal, and spent his time between the big city, the wilds of the Rockies, and biking his way down the west coast of the continent. Hutchings has composed and produced a number of chamber operas, including Did I escape, I wonder…, which was performed at the 2012 Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival, and The Agony of Mrs Stone, an opera based on the true events surrounding the death of Dr. Winthrop Stone and the survival of his wife Margaret on the side of Mt. Eon in 1921.

In recent years, Hutchings’ has settled back in Banff with his wife B Watson to help oversee his family’s heritage building. His commitment to community and desire to promote cultural activities in his home town has crystallized into the creation of The Radiant, a project he now lovingly shares with his partners and family. Hutchings continues to compose music, write stories, and build furniture and narrative installation pieces.

B Watson

B Watson was born in High River, AB and raised in Edmonton, AB. From a young age she has been a performer, avid creator, and overall nerd. She holds two Art History degrees: a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal and an MA from Carleton University in Ottawa, where she completed her thesis project titled “Rethinking Photographic Histories: Indigenous Representation in the Byron Harmon Collection.”

Love and scholarly pursuits brought her to Banff and after spending summers in the Rockies, the first one seven years ago, she made the choice to settle down here in July of 2016. Her drive to create The Radiant comes from a need to build community wherever she goes. She feels strongly that the town needs a safe and beautiful space for people to relax in and find belonging. Watson created the design of The Radiant and will bring the same vision to the ongoing presentations and look of the business.

Ryan Joseph De Alwis

Food is communication—a way for me to express myself, provoke response and create dialogue. I live to Eat, I love to Cook, and have a bottomless, insatiable hunger for Learning. I am not a “trained” Chef; no papers, no seals, no framed certificates, no credentials outside of hours worked and scars from my elbows down to my fingertips. Food is, and should be, Comfort. A blanket for the soul. Food is history, culture, memory.
Food allows me to explore ideas, make mistakes, ask “what if”…Food gives me the ability to relate, and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. I could tell you about my past, my influences, my inspiration, where I’ve been, what I have done, yada yada yada, but I much rather show you who I am through food.

Anna-Engel Lebiadowski

Anna-Engel Lebiadowski, red seal baker and pastry chef responsible for the sweeter side of our culinary creatives. Bringing a dynamic new approach to plated desserts, artisan breads and a plethora of pastry goods – Anna hails from a background of fine dining kitchens, international experience, and backcountry location cooking.
Questioning what we put on our plates, the ingredients we choose, and the conversation evoked through this medium drives her innovative and artistic approach. Canadian cuisine and ingredients are at the forefront of her concern, showcasing our native species and heritage through an array of classic techniques with a modernist mindset. “Food for thought”, a mantra to leave you thoughtful and inquisitive as to the ‘why’ and ‘how’ the food before you came to be. To keep you guessing and whimsically intrigued is the goal.